Secure Bitcoin Wallet

hackers target Bitcoin. Are you prepared?

We need to work together to secure your Bitcoin wallet. Security is a team effort. We provide the most state-of-the-art, maximally secure online wallets anywhere. But you still need to take some steps to secure your Bitcoin wallet.

What We Do to Ensure Your Wallet Remains Secure ...

* Two-Factor Authentication enables you to receive an email code to access your wallet or use a yubikey (hardware)

* One-Time Use Pin Numbers are issued when you create your account, and each PIN can only be used once.

* Multiple stage login first asks for username and password, then requires account number, pin, and email address

* Restrict to IP enables you to restrict your wallet to a specific IP address or multiple IP addresses. You can only access your wallet from those IPs

* SMS notification requires you to receive an SMS code or phone call to access your wallet

What You Should Do To Ensure Your Wallet Remains Secure ...

* Write down your password and login credentials and store password data in a safe place. Better yet, memorize your password. If you write down your login info on a sheet of paper and lose the paper, someone else may find it, and steal all your coins.

* Run antivirus and anti-spyware on your computer to ensure you are not infected with a virus or keylogger. No matter how secure your wallet is online, a keylogger on your local computer will easily capture your login credentials and enable an attacker to steal your bitcoins.

* Always type when accessing BitArmored. Although our site forces SSL connections, a savvy attacker (especially one who is running a rogue TOR exit node) could run a MITM (man in the middle) attack and impersonate our SSL certificate before the browser encrypts the data. If you're using TOR, a VPN or a proxy to access BitArmored, this advice is even more important. Always type the https:// into your browser!

* Never access your BitArmored Bitcoin Wallet from a public or shared computer. A hacker might be running a keylogger on it.

* Enable all the security features we offer for your wallet. While it might take a little longer to log in, your bitcoin wallet will be much more secure.

If you plan on storing large amounts of Bitcoin, no online wallet in the world will be 100% secure. Some wallets will promise security, but they will inevitably be hacked. Just google 'online wallet hacked' and you can read the horror stories for yourself. Even with all of the security features we offer for our online wallets, we simply cannot promise 100% security. Unlike any other online wallet, however, we also offer Cold Storage for your Bitcoins, which is indeed 100% safe and secure. Your coins CANNOT be stolen by hackers because they are not stored online. We offer you the ability to transfer Bicoin from your online BitArmored wallet directly to BitArmored cold storage with the click of a button. When you need to spend your Bitcoins, simply transfer them back to your online wallet. It's fast, extremely easy, and ultra-secure. Learn more about Bitcoin Cold Storage