Bitcoin Cold Storage

BitArmored offers the world's most secure online Bitcoin wallet. Safeguard your Bitcoins and your privacy by storing your BTC in our state-of-the-art Bitcoin vault. Your Bitcoins are stored offline in deep cold storage until you need them. Enjoy the flexibility of an online wallet with fast transfers while retaining peace-of-mind knowing that your coins are impervious to hackers and theft in an offline Bitcoin vault. We also provide built-in Bitcoin mixing to protect your privacy and offer both paper wallets and encrypted flash drive wallets for additional security. Our ultra-secure Bitcoin cold storage vault is protected by the most sophisticated security measures currently available. Your security and privacy is our top concern.

Bitcoin Vault

Our Bitcoin vault is located offline and protected by state-of-the-art security including multi-sig access and redundant encrypted backups. Bitcoin stored in the vault is impervious to attack.

Bitcoin Cold Storage

Your Bitcoin is stored offline in deep cold storage until you are ready to use them. You can transfer funds quickly and easily between your Live Wallet and your Cold Storage Wallet.

Secure Online Bitcoin Wallet

We provide fanatical security features to protect your Bitcoin. Our secure online Bitcoin wallet is the safest in the world.

BitArmored Bitcoin Deep Cold Storage Vault