Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does BitArmored Work?

BitArmored is an ultra-secure online Bitcoin wallet. You can deposit and withdraw Bitcoin, send and receive Bitcoin payments, add Bitcoin payments to your website to receive payments from customers, and you can anonymize Bitcoin. You can also simply store your Bitcoin in the online wallet safely and securely, with easy access to your funds when you need to use them. The online wallet is much quicker and easier to use than software such as BitcoinQT, Multibit, etc.

How Secure is My Online Bitcoin Wallet?

BitArmored Online Wallets are extremely secure, but today's threat environment is also very sophisticated. No online wallet can be 100% hackproof. The more security you enable for your wallet, such as two-factor authentication and multiple passwords, email authentication, etc. the more secure it will be against attackers. You need to use a long, random password so that hackers cannot run a brute-force attack on your account. For example, a password like 'jf92%$93jdl-1#' is obviously vastly more secure than 'computer123'. You also need to make sure your computer is not compromised with a virus or keylogger which might be reporting your keystrokes to an attacker. And if you write your login credentials down on a piece of paper, make sure not to lose it or allow anyone else to access it. Another thing to keep in mind is how you access your wallet. Always type '' rather than simply If you don't type the https right away, you might be vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attack, especially if you access the site using TOR.

What Are Your Transaction Limits?

There are no transaction limits.

What Are Your Fees?

Fees vary, but typically 1-2% transaction fees.

How Can I Sign Up?

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Is BitArmored Available In All Countries?


I Forgot My Password and/or Username. Can You Help?

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What is Bitcoin Anonymizer?

Bitcoin mixing means anomymizing the bitcoin in your wallet so that no one can trace the origins of where it came from. It's an anonymity service we provide. See Bitcoin Anonymizer

How Many Confirmations Are Required for Deposts?


Can I Deposit and Withdraw Funds Automatically?

Deposits are automatic and withdrawals are automatic up to a certain limit (at which point we manually approve them, but they are still processed very fast, usually within four hours)

Do You Collect Personal Data?

We do not collect personally identifiable information

Do You Retain IP Logs?


Is Your Website TOR Compatible?


Do You Retain Transaction Histories?

Only of the amounts sent and received.

Do You Require ID or Documents to Use Your Service?