Bitcoin Deep Cold Storage

... transfer Bitcoin almost instantly between offline cold storage and your online wallet!

What is Bitcoin Cold Storage?

Putting Bitcoins into 'cold storage' means storing them OFFLINE in extremely secure encrypted containers.

Why Cold Storage?

Bitcoins stored in online wallets, even BitArmored secure online wallets, are never 100% impervious to attack. Any Bitcoins stored online will be vulnerable to hackers and security compromises. We do everything we can to secure your online wallet, but any online wallet provider who claims that their wallets are 100% hackproof is simply lying. Hackers are smart, technologically advanced, proficient and fiercely determined. was recently hacked for over 6400 bitcoins, and BitFloor was put out of business by hackers. However, hackers cannot steal Bitcoins that are stored offline in 'cold storage' encrypted containers. We enable you to transfer funds easily from your online BitArmored wallet to offline cold storage, and retrieve them almost immediately when needed. No other online wallet offers cold storage!

How Safe is Cold Storage?

Cold storage is 100% safe. Your Bitcoins cannot be stolen or hacked under any circumstances.

How Long Does it Take to Transfer Between Cold Storage and My Online BitArmored Wallet?

Up to 30 minutes.


Why Use BitArmored for Cold Storage?

Putting Bitcoins into cold storage in an offline wallet like MultiBit, Armory or BitcoinQT is a very involved process and technically quite complicated. Most Bitcoiners would want to avoid such a process. With BitArmored, you can simply click a button to transfer your funds into cold storage and add them back into your online wallet almost instantly whenever you need to spend them.


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